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Many private insurances will cover the cost of your treatment, check your policy

I do not always charge a cancellation fee if a client does not turn up but had a genuine problem preventing him or her to attend, but I charge the full fee for those who abuse the system.

What happens on my first consultation?

Your visit will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Please bring with you any results of tests or X rays you may have had done plus details of medication. Your practitioner will take a detailed case history in order to get an understanding of you.

Will I be asked to undress?

On the first visit you may be asked to undress to your underwear so the practitioner can do a diagnosis and a treatment. It is not necessary to undress for a number of therapies such as homeopathy or herbal medicine.

How long does a course of treatment take?

This depends on the nature and complication of the problem. As a general average 2 to 5 treatments. Longer term, more chronic conditions will take longer. Your practitioner will discuss your individual situation with you at your 1st treatment. Be assured I have a very busy practice and will not keep you coming longer than necessary.

What happens if I get a treatment reaction?

These do happen at times and may be as a result of the body reacting to the stimulus towards health it has been given, or as a result of the body being unable to continue the process of adaptation that the treatment has enabled it to set into motion. Your practitioner will be able to advise you.

Why do I need to wait between treatment sessions

Essentially the body heals itself. There must be a time interval between treatment sessions to allow the body to make its response, and then take it on a further step.
Your practitioner will advise on the correct time interval and number of treatment sessions likely to be required. You, however, remain in control. You can discuss this advice at any stage and, if you feel you are not making adequate progress, you can curtail treatment and ask your practitioner about other possible approaches to your problem.

Am I too old to benefit from complementary medicine

Certainly not. I have treated many patients in their 80s very successfully.

Are complementary medicines suitable for children?

Yes, definitely. Very gentle treatments can be used; I treat frequently new-born with homeopathy; children of all ages can benefit from homeopathy or acupressure

Can I see a therapist whilst I am pregnant?

Yes complementary medicine is probably the treatment of choice during pregnancy, because medication are contra-indicated.
I use acupuncture and homeopathy for condition such as morning sickness, insomnia, urinary or digestive problems and for musculo-squelettal problems such as back pain, pelvic pain carpal tunnel-syndrome etc.

Is it OK to mix treatments?

It is possible to mix different treatment modalities. Sometimes two different approaches can be mutually supportive so discuss this with your practitioner

How can i tell if this is the right therapy for my problem?

Sometimes I will know exactly what kind of treatment you need, but other times I won't. Discuss your problem with PJ Cousin and he will be able to suggest were to start.

How can I book my treatment?

For consultations and treatments you can book either over the phone on 07720773890 or by calling in person at the Cure by Nature clinic 95 Replingham Road London SW18 5lU

How can I pay for my treatment?

At the Cure by Nature Clinic I accepts cash, cheques, or bank transfers

Can I claim for my treatments on my health insurance?

This will depend on your Health provider and your level of health cover. Please consult your individual policy.

How do I know your therapies are safe?

I have always maintained exceptionally high standards and undertake ongoing education as CPD (Continuing Professional Development). In addition, I am registered and fully insured.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

The Cure by Nature Clinic requires 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or re- schedule an appointment. Clients who fail to turn up for treatment are charged a cancellation fee, typically half of the cost of the missed treatment. Repeat offenders will be charged the full amount.
Of course we realise that some cancellations are unavoidable, and we will use our discretion when deciding whether to impose a cancellation charge or not

Should I tell my doctor?

If you are receiving treatment from your doctor then it makes sense to tell him or her about your plans to have complementary medicine treatment. The treatment may enable you to reduce or even stop taking some forms of medication, but your doctor should be consulted regarding any change of prescription. You should always tell your practitioner about any medication you are taking as this may affect your response to your treatment.

Should I continue with my prescribed medication while undergoing a course of treatment?

Yes, at least until you have had a careful discussion with your doctor and your practitioner. Many people seek our help because of dissatisfaction with drug treatment - because it does not seem to be working or because the side effects are unacceptable.

DO NOT stop taking any medication without professional guidance.

DO NOT stop taking any medication without professional guidance.

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