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We do not have a nutritionist on site at this movement , but nutritional advice is given by Nita Mistry (naturopathic nutrition) and PJ Cousin, author of "Food is Medicine"

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and peak performance.
Nutritional therapists work with people on many levels by identifying and addressing potential nutritional imbalances, which may contribute to various symptoms, and supporting the body towards maintaining health.
Often, health problems are a result of poor dietary choices, lack of specific nutrients in the diet or even the body’s inability to absorb these nutrients. Nutrients are the fuel of the body; all the biochemical processes that occur in the body rely on the presence of specific nutrients.
The aim of nutritional therapy is to ensure that your body has all the ingredients it needs to carry out its normal workings in an efficient manner. Nutritional therapy is not about taking all the fun out of your diet! Your therapist will work with you to develop a diet and lifestyle programme that is realistic and suits your personal needs.

Who can benefit from Nutritional Therapy?

Nutrition can support many conditions – whether they have been there for just a short while (such as a cold) or a long time (such as irritable bowel syndrome).
Some people simply want to check that they are on the right track with regard to healthy eating. Others may want to lose weight, to improve their energy levels, or get help with their symptoms.
Nutritional therapy is safe to use for anyone who eats, including babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly.
Keep in mind however that some nutrients can interact with prescribed medication or are unsuitable in certain circumstances (particularly pregnancy and breast-feeding). For this reason, it is always good to see a qualified therapist for a suitable prescription.
If you would like to discuss Nutritional Therapy further before booking an appointment, Zara offers a free 15 minute initial telephone consultation.  
Please contact Zara through Cure-by-Nature or visit

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What should I expect in a consultation?
Before you first consultation, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and a 3 days food diary. This provides details about your medical history, diet and lifestyle and helps the practitioner to make an initial assessment about your overall health. This information needs to be returned at least 3 days prior to your initial consultation. You can pick up a copy of the questionnaire at the Clinic or it can be sent to you via email and/or post when you book your appointment.
Your initial consultation
This will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes and focuses on looking in more depth at the factors that may be contributing to your health concerns. During this time, your therapist will ask you lots of questions about your diet, your general lifestyle and your health goals. Some of these questions may not seem relevant to your problem, however the idea is to get a picture of your overall health and how your eating habits may contribute to this. Your therapist will also use various diagnostic techniques which may include blood pressure and tongue and nail diagnosis. At the end of the session you will be given some preliminary dietary advice and a lifestyle programme to follow until your second consultation. The recommendations will focus primarily on diet but may also include supplementation.
Laboratory testing may also be suggested if appropriate to your case. This enables a more targeted approach for your programme. The costs and the benefits of testing will be explained to you. Tests interpretation is included in the consultation price, however costs of testing is payable separately directly to the laboratory.
Further useful handouts, meals plans and useful information regarding your health issues will be sent to you shortly after your initial consultation.
Follow-up consultation
This will last approximately 45 minutes and it is usually recommended 2 to 3 weeks after your initial appointment. This session focuses on a review of your progresses, including any changes to your symptoms or health goals. Tests results will also be discusses if applicable. Further recommendations will be made and any issue with the implementations of the programme will be addressed.
Usually only 1 or 2 follow-ups are needed depending on the individual case, however chronic health conditions may take longer to resolve and involve more follow-up sessions.
In between appointments your therapist will be available via email and/or telephone to support you or to address any questions you might have.
Initial consultation (1 hour and 30 minutes) cost £60.00.
Follow-up consultation (45 minutes) cost £40.00.

  • • Payment is only by cash or cheque should be made on the day of the consultation.
  • • Cancellation Fees - Appointments missed or cancelled within 24 hours will be subject to a £30 cancellation fee.
NB: If you would like a combined nutrition and herbal medicine consultation, please see the section under “Naturopathy”

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