What is Physiotherapy?

The successful treatment of many muscular and skeletal problems is possible through natural means without recourse to invasive surgery or medication.

After assessment of your condition your physiotherapist offer individual treatments and wholistic advice. The physiotherapist select from a wide range of treatment options to help relieve pain restore normal movement and strength which will change to suit your improving condition. This could be thought of as the physiotherapist’s ‘Toolkit’ and includes:

 » The Physiotherapists 'Toolkit'
Manual Therapy
Soft Tissue Techniques
Exercise Therapy

Manual therapy includes the physiotherapist applying varying degrees of pressure, usually to a joint, for therapeutic purposes. These techniques, known as mobilizations are performed under the control of the client who can ask the therapist to stop at any time. Manipulations are used less frequently and are more sudden applications of force to the joint for therapeutic purposes. The therapist will explain the purpose and nature of the manipulation and obtain client consent prior to performing any manipulations. Manual therapy techniques can provide effective treatment when practiced by qualified physiotherapists.

Soft tissue techniques involves the stretching, massaging and other ways of manipulating soft tissues (muscles, capsules, ligaments and scar tissue etc) for therapeutic purposes.

Exercise therapy includes Core Stability and is the staple of the physiotherapist’s ‘Toolkit’. When followed, an exercise programme given by your physiotherapists will help strengthen and return you to normal function. Compliance with exercise prevents recurrence of problems and limits the number of treatment sessions you need to attend.

When followed, the advice given by your physiotherapists will help prevent recurrence of your problems and limit the number of treatment sessions you need to attend. Advice is usually in the form of recommended exercise, joint protection, lifestyle changes etc

Some forms of electrotherapy are used by physiotherapists to assist in the relief of pain and to promote healing. Perhaps the most well known of these is ultrasound which is the application of sound waves which has a deep massaging effect on cells.

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