How to increase low sperm count

In the western world, the average sperm count of men has reduced by more than 1% a year for the last 50 years:According to the European Society of Fertility, the regular amount of sperm cells in an ejaculation (based on an average count) up to 1980 was of 100 million/cc. From 1986 forward, this number was reduced to 60 million/cc, and in 1992 and on, to 20 million/cc.
The main factor of the decline of male fertility, could be environmental pollution caused by the so-called persistent organic pollutants (POPs), which are chemical substances that exponentially accumulate in the organism. Some of these substances act as endocrine disruptors; they behave like a hormone without being one. In the case of the estrogenic disruptors, they act like female hormones, altering the testicular development of the foetus during pregnancy.
Other important factors are stress, lifestyle, obesity, smoking, alcohol, anabolic steroids, the use of cocaine and marijuana, excessive physical exercise
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sperm structure
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DNA fragmentation:
High DNA fragmentation accounts for cases of unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage and failed IVF cycles.
Single -Strand DNA Damage can be repaired, but double strand DNA Damage cannot

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It takes about free month to renew and therefore improve the sperm reserve, a few steps can make a big difference:

  • Have acupuncture: acupuncture treatment improve the blood flow in the reproductive system, reduce inflammation, there fore local temperature, clear sperm ducts

  • Avoid extreme sport, and in particular avoid cycling, but moderate regular exercise is good for you

  • Do not stay sitting in front of a computer for hours without moving: you need to move about a bit at regular interval to avoid restricting the blood flow into the pelvis

  • Do some stress management: excessive hours of work combined with irregular food and sleep pattern are a contributing factor

  • Stop smoking, reduce or stop drinking

  • take some food supplement: Vitamin C and vitamin E are known to reduce DNA fragmentation, Zinc, Selenium Flaxseeds and krill oils are also recommended

  • Take some Chinese herbs formula from a qualified practitionner: Chinese herb complement acupunctures and are very effective in improving both sperm count and sperm quality.